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Water and Plastic Disaster Updates

This week we have regular Whats Happening in the hood and water task team update with Fergus Turner and then we get an update from Kevin Rack about another potential plastics disaster. With the water crisis we are experiencing and the kindheartedness of people from around South Africa, we are having an influx of millions of plastic bottles. This is potentially another massive disaster as there is a great possibility that hundreds of thousands of these will reach our water canals and vleis. Kevin discusses this issue and tries to come up with solutions. We also chat with Kaylee Benkenstein...

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The Little Red Bike and a Trio

In this episode we have a regular update as to what is happening in Muizenberg at the beginning of the show. Then we chat with an interesting lady who has just moved into an entrepreneirual space at the Hive. Her venture is called the Little Red Bike and she provides quality vegan food to the community. Perhaps not my style of cooking, but, she gives an interesting take on what veganism is all about. We also interview a trio of volunteers, two from Holland and one from Japan, about the Knowledge to Share Foundation. They’re in South Africa to...

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Massachusetts Meets Muizenberg

In this episode we chat to an intern from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA and he shares some of his journey to the village of Muizenberg. Many people don’t realise that the diversity of Muizenberg includes many foreign volunteers and interns who serve the people in our community. We have an update on the water crisis and plans to get the community more involved in taking control of the water shortages. Then finally we chat to Darren who has just moved his coffee business to a space within the Hive. He share some interesting coffee...

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A Plastic Disaster Zone in Muizenberg

Although the title of this episode may sound ominously dramatic it highlights the major problem we have in Muizenberg along our beautiful waterfronts at the beach and vlei. we chat with Kevin Rack and Calvin two plastic activists who highlight the problem of styrofoam and degraded plastics at the beach and vlei. Although the problem may seem huge and past the tipping point, there is always something we can do. So we encourage you to get involved at whatever level you are able to. Let’s be a part of the solution and not the...

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First Time in the Ocean

In this episode we chat with Abongile a member of the Vrygrond community, and originally from the Eastern Cape, who joined the Brazilian team on a weekend away of getting back to nature in the Cape Point Nature Reserve. We take for granted many things that people from different communities have never experienced. He dived into the icy ocean clothes and all. This was a first time experience for him. He was amazed by the “dogs” he saw swimming in the sea that didn’t have regular feet, The first time he saw seals. We also chat about the water...

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About Us

Hello Muizenberg Podcast tells the unique stories of the folk living in the greater Muizenberg community and discusses the issues that affect them and connects them to the each other and the rest of the world through audio and video. Whether you reside in the greater Muizenberg area or Muizenberg lives in your heart, we want to hear about your journey and stories.We are privileged to be a part of a diverse community with amazing stories to tell.

We do a regular weekly podcast on a Thursday morning and then another with an interesting guest or look at a local issue. We also give updates about what is happening in Muizenberg.

I’m Wayne Turner and my passion is to tell these stories in both audio and video. So take a listen and learn about the people that make up the wonderful village we call home.