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Imagine Muizenberg, Hit n Run and Kai the Vlogger

Imagine Muizenberg, championed by Catherine Dillon, is a group of people trying to imagine what Muizenberg could be like and then promoting causes that could bring this to fruition. In the latest edition of False Bay Echo there is a cute little story about Kai Peterson a 10 year old Youtube blogger with challenges that he won’t let hold him back. We also chat about the sad situation of Mr Brand a cyclist who has survived two hit and run accidents and still continues to fight on. We pick up the story of a community in Masiphumele who are...

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Pocket Money, Plastics and Planting Potatoes

Privilege protects and insulates people from each other and the simple lessons we learn growing up, like pocket money, are not universal. In this episode we hear about the amazing steps being made by a lady towards releasing the potential in young entrepreneurs as they make their own pocket money. When the problem of poison plastics in our vlei becomes so large that the authorities lose control is when private citizens take action. Jenine Versveld took action and financed cleaners to remove micro plastics and other plastic pollution during the low vlei levels. It only scratches the surface but...

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Ashtan Crashes Through Barriers and Smashes Disabiity Mould

Ashtan Davids is a 21 year old born and bred Muizenberg surfing resident with a diffability, as he calls it. He has refused the label of disability and prefers his own word of diffability or a different ability. Born with cerebral palsy and the use of only one hand he has single-handedly (pardon the pun) broken through barriers and smashed moulds despite major physical challenges. His idea of normal is reaching his full potential within the parameters of his spectrum of abilities. Some wouldsay that it’s all semantics but hearing his story redefines what society calls disability. His sister...

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Camping Crisis, Sandy Tracks and a Logjam

 In this edition we chat around the eviction crisis in a local caravan park where new ownership means some permanent renters lose their sites. It boils down to the rights of an owner versus the rights of a tennant. Then there is good news for commuters between Simonstown and Fish Hoek. PRASA is in the middle of clearing the sand from the tracks and promises an open line in the very short term. Karen chats about the recent Logjam surfing competition held by African Soul Surfer in Muizenberg. This is the fourth event and proved to be another great...

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About Us

Hello Muizenberg Podcast tells the unique stories of the folk living in the greater Muizenberg community and discusses the issues that affect them and connects them to the each other and the rest of the world through audio and video. Whether you reside in the greater Muizenberg area or Muizenberg lives in your heart, we want to hear about your journey and stories.We are privileged to be a part of a diverse community with amazing stories to tell.

We do a regular weekly podcast on a Thursday morning and then another with an interesting guest or look at a local issue. We also give updates about what is happening in Muizenberg.

I’m Wayne Turner and my passion is to tell these stories in both audio and video. So take a listen and learn about the people that make up the wonderful village we call home.