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Ausome Kai the 10 Year Old Youtuber

Kai Peterson at ten years old is already a Youtube vlogger and no ordinary 10 year old. Overcoming the challenges resulting from Aspergers Syndrome, the need for two hearing aids and years of speech therapy, he has a passion for Youtube, cars and gaming. Running along after him and desperately trying to keep up is his Mom Chevone who must be the proudest Mom I have met in 21 years of radio. Together they explain what it’s like setting up a Youtube channel, domains and social media. Very sharp and quick to learn means that Mom needs to set...

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Muizenberg Festival Podcast 1

Imagine a community working together, creating together and making magic happen in the community of Muizenberg. The Muizenberg Festival has launched with the first meeting at the Hive. October is only a few months away and the organisation begins in earnest. In this podcast we hear from Fergus Turner, one the festival champions, who tells us what the festival is all about, how to get involved and why we should be a part of it. Wayne talks to several of the participants about why they are involved and what they love about Muizenberg. Much is revealed in these interviews...

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Boyz at the Baxter, Homeless Success and Wet or Dry

A men only show at the Baxter Theatre? What next? That should ruffle some feathers. Actor and comedian, David Muller, has a light-bulb moment at the Baxter Theatre and we find out more on this episode. Then a decision is made about whether Fish Hoek should be wet or dry. The ladies chat about the pros and cons and some of the reactions from the community. Does it matter? Will it affect us in Muizenberg? These questions are debated. We also hear about a successful year and the results of a homeless/street people initiative. Then finally some news about...

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Dating in the Muizenberg Snakepit and Other History

In this episode of the Hello Muizenberg Podcast we chat to two crazy ladies who are long time residents of Muizenberg. They share some of their history and Muizenberg’s history from the perspective of the theatre. Both have acted in and produced theatre productions across Cape Town but specifically the Masque Theatre. If you haven’t heard about dating in the snake pit then you’ve missed a part of our local history. You are guaranteed an interesting and funny listen with this...

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About Us

Hello Muizenberg Podcast tells the unique stories of the folk living in the greater Muizenberg community and discusses the issues that affect them and connects them to the each other and the rest of the world through audio and video. Whether you reside in the greater Muizenberg area or Muizenberg lives in your heart, we want to hear about your journey and stories.We are privileged to be a part of a diverse community with amazing stories to tell.

We do a regular weekly podcast on a Thursday morning and then another with an interesting guest or look at a local issue. We also give updates about what is happening in Muizenberg.

I’m Wayne Turner and my passion is to tell these stories in both audio and video. So take a listen and learn about the people that make up the wonderful village we call home.