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A Legacy of Violence Plastics Dementia and Business

We have a legacy of violence in our suburbs that needs healing. How can we do this. Two men, one a Khoi Muslim and the other a white pastor, are desperately working to save the youth of Ocean View. Time is running but they see hope where others see hopelessness. Karen chats about Alice and her research into dementia and Alzheimers and how we need to change our understanding and dealing with those around us who are suffering. Plastics raises its ugly head again and we talk about its impact on the environment. A quick report back on the...

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Can Business Work in Muizenberg?

Muizenberg hosted a business event called “Gateway to Muizenberg : Business for Change”. Another business event, networking opportunity or get together? I thought it was just another one. But, what I did learn is that community collaboration is not exclusive but inclusive. Even if there are other initiatives we need to keep working together to build our community. The guest speaker, Steven Harris from 75 Harrington Street, shared some of his experiences in collaborating with other businesses in the Cape Town CBD. He emphasised collaboration and community building to see problems overcome and the community developed both socially and...

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Celebrating Nelson Mandela in Muizenberg

We celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday as a community in this episode and what a celebration. So many people involved across the greater Muizenberg area and surrounds. It’s heartwarming to see what the community is doing to remember this great man and how his memory still motivates people to give back to their communities. The numbers 67 and 100 have appeared in many forms, by giving time in multiples of 67 or 100, making donations to that effect as well or just having a whole day of serving and fun. What an encouragement to see people serving just for the...

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The Producers at the Masque Theatre

Our first special podcast at the Masque Theatre. We interview some of the actors in the cast of the Producers. This is an amazing “so called” amateur production. There is nothing amateur and I mean nothing amateurish about this show. I was blown away by the commitment of the cast and crew. Chatting to some of the cast before the show was a real experience, catching some of the enthusiasm of unpaid performers. The audience were astounded by the quality of the production and this reflected in their comments at the end of the show. When the lead actor...

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Butchers Bees and Bacon Trees

We kick off this podcast with a heartwarming story about bees and what better place to have a talk about them than at the Hive in Palmer Road, Muizenberg. Bees sting but if they like you then they don’t. I was amazed at how caring bees are for each other. A sad follow up story is the one about the brutal “Lakeside Butcher” murder which rocked our community 3 years ago. Yolande, who is a former crime reporter, gives us some insight into the final outcome of the trial. Have you heard of bacon trees? I haven’t. There is...

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About Us

Hello Muizenberg Podcast tells the unique stories of the folk living in the greater Muizenberg community and discusses the issues that affect them and connects them to the each other and the rest of the world through audio and video. Whether you reside in the greater Muizenberg area or Muizenberg lives in your heart, we want to hear about your journey and stories.We are privileged to be a part of a diverse community with amazing stories to tell.

We do a regular weekly podcast on a Thursday morning and then another with an interesting guest or look at a local issue. We also give updates about what is happening in Muizenberg.

I’m Wayne Turner and my passion is to tell these stories in both audio and video. So take a listen and learn about the people that make up the wonderful village we call home.