Author: Wayne

Snakes. Swings and Serious Things

In this edition we chat to Karen and Yolande about some the stories from our local communities in the deep south. From snakes to swings and then some of the more serious stories around the protest action and street people. We are facing difficult times but if we start working together and understanding each other then there is...

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Universal Access and Other Local News

We launch our new season of podcasts with an initiative that sees the collaboration between print and audio media. Hello Muizenberg Podcast teams up with journalists from the False Bay Echo to chat around the stories that affect the greater Muizenberg area and surrounds. We talk about the stories behind the stories, some of the pain and joy that make them and just how these stories are put together. The unique aspect of community based journalism is how we partner together to inform, educate and sometimes entertain by telling the stories of people. In this edition we look at...

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To Drink or Not to Drink That is the Question

Muizenberg Beach is a world famous as a blue flag beach and beginner surfers paradise. It’s a family beach and draws huge crowds on public holidays and surfers throughout the year. It’s an alcohol free zone yet hundreds of people try to smuggle huge quantities of liquor past the law enforcement agencies on these holidays. This creates massive problems of drunkenness, drownings and various forms of alcohol related crime. This past festive season the community of Muizenberg decided enough was enough and joined all the various law enforcement agencies and neighbourhood watches to try put a stop to the problem....

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Water Update and Gentrification in Muizenberg

What is gentrification and how is this global phenomenon affecting our local community in Muizenberg? In this episode we chat about our Muizenberg water task team and developments taking place specifically in identifying people at risk who would need water if Day Zero arrives. We also chat to Etienne who is from France, about the worldwide phenomenon of gentrification and its impact on Muizenberg. With the renewal and rejuvenation of a suburb property prices and rentals skyrocket forcing out residents who don’t have the means to pay higher prices. This marginalisation pushes people to the fringes of a community. Unfortunately...

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Water and Plastic Disaster Updates

This week we have regular Whats Happening in the hood and water task team update with Fergus Turner and then we get an update from Kevin Rack about another potential plastics disaster. With the water crisis we are experiencing and the kindheartedness of people from around South Africa, we are having an influx of millions of plastic bottles. This is potentially another massive disaster as there is a great possibility that hundreds of thousands of these will reach our water canals and vleis. Kevin discusses this issue and tries to come up with solutions. We also chat with Kaylee Benkenstein...

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About Us

Hello Muizenberg Podcast tells the unique stories of the folk living in the greater Muizenberg community and discusses the issues that affect them. We are privileged to be a part of a diverse community with amazing stories to tell.

We do a regular weekly podcast on a Wednesday afternoon at the Hive collaborative space in Palmer Road and then another with an interesting guest or look at a local issue. We also give updates about what is happening in Muizenberg.

I’m Wayne Turner and my passion is to tell these stories in both audio and video. So take a listen and learn about the people that make up the wonderful village we call home.