Muizenberg hosted a business event called “Gateway to Muizenberg : Business for Change”. Another business event, networking opportunity or get together? I thought it was just another one. But, what I did learn is that community collaboration is not exclusive but inclusive. Even if there are other initiatives we need to keep working together to build our community.

The guest speaker, Steven Harris from 75 Harrington Street, shared some of his experiences in collaborating with other businesses in the Cape Town CBD. He emphasised collaboration and community building to see problems overcome and the community developed both socially and economically.

Initiated by Inez Arendse and hosted by Claudia Braude at the Space@South we experienced a get together of nearly 60 business people who all want to see growth and development in Muizenberg. We chatted to Steven, Inez and Claudia about what they see as an outcome of working together as businesses.