Muizenberg Beach is a world famous as a blue flag beach and beginner surfers paradise. It’s a family beach and draws huge crowds on public holidays and surfers throughout the year. It’s an alcohol free zone yet hundreds of people try to smuggle huge quantities of liquor past the law enforcement agencies on these holidays. This creates massive problems of drunkenness, drownings and various forms of alcohol related crime.

This past festive season the community of Muizenberg decidedĀ enough was enough and joined all the various law enforcement agencies and neighbourhood watches to try put a stop to the problem. We had an amazingly successful season with more than 1000 units of alcohol being confiscated just on New Years day.

Despite these successes alcohol was still being purchased after the confiscation from local liquor outlets and making its way on to the beach. Catherine Dillon of the Muizenberg/Lakeside Ratepayers Association was tasked with finding a solution. Joined with Dr John Cartwright on this podcast they share how a very positive solution was found with the support of local business.